Deep Bay Center
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Spiritual Retreat & Education Center

                                                           ​ Pat Bowen                                                                                                                                                                                           Pat is the mother of 10 children and a grandmother to 45 which she considers her first great achievement in her life. After losing her husband of 43 years, 17 years ago she set about reinventing her life which entailed exploring the connection between emotional and physical health. Suffering herself for many years with ill health, it finally became obvious that at the core of illness was traumatic emotional issues from childhood abuse. This lead Pat to certify as a Life Coach and Reiki Master. She is also a practitioner of body detoxification through the method of the ionic foot bath and has worked with many chiropractors and naturopaths for several years. Pat practiced as a midwife during the years of raising her family and assisted in the births of 3 of her own grandchildren. To cap her healing ministry she has also certified as a non-denominational ordained minister. Pat has a comprehensive, well rounded approach to healing that covers all areas of wellness. Pat facilitates workshops, healing circles and retreats as well. Hope you can join us!
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