Are you interested in learning about the mysteries of life? This is the most enlightening and mind expanding class where ancient knowledge is explored and discussed.

What is Esoteric knowledge?

Esoteric knowledge is a term
 that refers to special or secret
knowledge that was only available
 to a select group of enlightened
or highly educated people.

This knowledge comes  from the
 dawn of humanities existence
and was taught and used by the
ancients for the purpose of helping
people to reach higher levels of
spiritual understanding and
 deepening their connections to
 God or Spirit.

In past times this information actually
 became illegal to discuss and you
 may have been put to death for
owning a book that contained such
information like the Gnostic Gospels for example.

 Most of the ancient books and knowledge were burned and taken from the world. A form of control by the religious factions who wished to shape and control the people by telling them what they could think and read.

Thankfully, today our society allows free thinking and the ability to openly discuss this information from sacred ancient texts, manuscripts, oral traditions, Religions of the World, Mysteries, Ascended Masters, Freemasonry,Mythology,  Astrology, Tarot, Numerology, Shamanism, Magic. Alchemy and channeled works are all included. 

Topics such as these, and many more may be studied at  This site is the largest collection of free reading and education on Esoteric Knowledge. 

Esoteric Knowledge
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